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BY: Leslye Headland
SET DESIGN: Andromache Chalfant
Second Stage Uptown

Emily Rebholz’s keenly observed costumes instantly communicate how much these women define themselves by their surfaces.”

Erik Haagensen, Backstage


“The excesses, including a show-stopping treatise on oral sex, are roundly applauded, especially the aesthetics of Andromache Chalfant’s Fifth Avenue suite design and Emily Rebholz’s lush costumes.”

Aaron Riccio, Stagegrade

“Andromache Chalfant’s hotel suite, which gets reduced to a shambles, is first-class, as are Emily Rebholz’s costumes.”

John Simon, Bloomberg


“Tracee Chimo…Mean as a snake, but looking gorgeous in a tight magenta frock (nice fashion statement from Emily Rebholz)”

Marilyn Stasio, Variety