Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
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BY: Alex Timbers and Michael Friedman
DIRECTOR: Alex Timbers
SET DESIGN: Donyale Werle
LIGHTING DESIGN: Justin Townsend
Bernard B. Jacobs Theater

“Once in the theater, the audience is prepped for all the sights of Bloody Bloody. The creative team for this show is the one to beat come Tony season. Werle, lighting designer Justin Townsend, and costume designer Emily Rebholz have collaborated with such unity. Rebholz’s costumes have done the actors the service of making them look as sexy and radical as they need to portray themselves. All aspects of Bloody Bloody fit together like a puzzle.”

Jesse North, STAGERUSH


“Donyale Werles bizarre set is a barroom, a concert hall, and a lounge in a college history department. It perfectly reflects the shows multiple perspectives, as do Emily Rebholz’s time-tripping costumes.”

David Sheward, Backstage

“Within the texture of Timbers’ production, which has been designed by Donyale Werle (sets), Emily Rebholz (costumes), and Justin Townsend (lights) as a stream-of-consciousness Victorian problem play staged in a 2010 lodge hall, there are no accidents, no incongruities. Everything contributes to a sense of permanent continuity, the notion that the past, present, and future are linked within the paralysis – and, usually, downright stupidity – of human existence.”

Matthew Murray,