Into The Woods
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DIRECTOR: Timothy Sheader and Liam Steel
SET DESIGN: John Lee Beatty and Soutra Gilmour
PUPPETRY: Rachel Canning
WIG DESIGN: Leah Loukas
Shakespeare in the Park by the Public Theater

“Such whimsicality also abounds in both Rachael Canning’s exceptional puppet design (particularly for the giant, which is voiced by Glenn Close) and Emily Rebholz’s costumes, which make many of the archetypal characters seem as if they might be people that one might encounter just outside the theater.

For example, Sarah Stiles’ superlatively naughty Little Red sports a crimson bike helmet and hoodie, while others, like Cinderella’s stepmother (Ellen Harvey) and stepsisters (Bethany Moore and Jennifer Rias), are dressed like Goth can-can girls, giving them a picture book-like — and downtown chic — appeal.

Rebholz’s most astonishing creation, though, is the amalgam of vines, moss and branches that seem to have attached themselves to the incomparable Murphy. The costume — and Murphy’s adroit use of it — often makes it seem as if the crone had literally (and ominously) grown from the woodchips that scatter the stage surface.”

Andy Probst, Theatermania


Emily Rebholz’s brilliant costumes and the extraordinary palette of Ben Stanton’s lighting all do some heavy lifting in creating atmosphere while keeping every character distinct.”

Jeremy Gerard, Bloomberg

“Murphy, whether by design or by accident, essentially sweeps our wee narrator from view in the first act. She is a vision in compost, her witch-drag not so much cronelike as it is insectoid and of-the-soil. (And her second-act return to the Earth is altogether seismic — the culmination of a night of superb puppetry by Rachael ­Canning and some inspired costume ­design by Emily Rebholz.)”

Scott Brown, New York Magazine


“I couldn’t possibly take the time to share all the tricks that are played on some of the most famous story-book characters before and beyond “happily ever after” by both Sondheim and Lapine, but now also by Sheader, with enormously imaginative help from costume designer Emily Rebholz.”

Simon Saltzman, Curtain Up Review


“Kudos to Emily Rebholz for her dazzling assortment of costumes.”

Diana Barth, The Epoch Times


Emily Rebholz’s exuberant costumes wittily mix contemporary duds with more-traditional fairy-tale extravagance.”

Erik Haagensen,