Details Reviews
DIRECTOR: Ron Daniels
SET DESIGN: Riccardo Hernandez
LIGHTING DESIGN: Christopher Akerlind
Shakespeare Theatre Company

“Costume Designer Emily Rebholz added to the aesthetic and highlighted key traits of the characters, particularly in Othello and Desdemona.”

Lauren Katz, DC Metro Theater Arts


“Costume designer Emily Rebholz creates a handsome wardrobe of soldiers’ uniforms and billowy frocks, and Hernandez’s unfussy set smartly reduces the Venetian’s military presence on Cyprus to a single backdrop, depicting Venice’s symbol, the Lion of St. Mark. The designs, like the production, are full of good ideas.”

Peter Marks, The Washington Post

“Costume Designer Emily Rebholz has clad the characters in signature garments, from Desdemona’s flowing white gown to Othello’s flowing red robes and Iago’s strapping leather great coat, setting the play seamlessly in another place and time with all too contemporary parallels.”

Elizabeth Bruce, MD Theatre Guide


“The fans make for an eye-catching background for most of the play and are used effectively to represent the wheels of mechanized (and offstage) battles taking place in the WWI-era setting. Emily Rebholz’s costume designs enhance the updating of the setting with crisp uniforms for the men, and lovely frocks for Desdemona and Emilia which would be right at home on the sunny shores of Cyprus or the canals of Venice.”

Jeffrey Walker, Broadwayworld.com