Details Reviews
BY: Greg Pierce
DIRECTOR: Anne Kauffman
SET DESIGN: Rachel Hauk
LCT3/Lincoln Center Theater

“The production team has been a great help in setting the scene. Aside from Hauck’s distinctive wooden shack surrounded by flat planks in various shades of green to suggest the vegetation, Japhy Weideman’s poetic lighting suggests the various times of day for the play’s four scenes spread over the week of Becky’s visit. Emily Rebholz’s costumes define both characters in an instant: Becky’s up-to-date jeans, shorts and colorful t-shirts, and Sterling’s nondescript grey clothing which is as unassuming and retiring as he is.”

Victor Gluck, Theater Scene

Emily Rebholz’s deceptively ordinary contemporary costumes are attuned to character.”

Erik Haagensen, Backstage